Bring your Bloom and Divi Opt-In Forms into line with GDPR

It’s almost time. The new regulations on data protection in the EU, for short GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), come into force. From then on, it is obligatory for site operators to receive an explicit confirmation from users of the storage of their data. It must also be noted which data is collected and how it is administered and stored. For this purpose, it is advisable (and has become established as a best practice) to insert a link to the Privacy Policy and a checkbox for the declaration of consent to store the data in all forms. This procedure is recommended for all website operators who want to reach users in Europe (who doesn’t). This checkbox shouldn’t be checked by default. It is highly recommended that the user ticks the checkbox so that you can be safely within the regulations.

Privacy protection is probably important to most of us. But have you ever considered how you want to embed this link and the checkbox in the design of your newsletter forms? Often these forms are deeply integrated into the design of the website and this can quickly become annoying. But that’s where the “Bloom – GDPR Overlay Plugin” can help you, because it implements an overlay into your Bloom and Divis native Opt-In Forms, so they stay exactly as they are. As soon as a user tries to enter data in a field, the overlay appears with the link to your privacy policy and the relevant checkbox. Try it yourself and click in one of the following fields:

Get it today on the Elegant Marketplace

“Bloom - GDPR Overlay Plugin” is available on the Elegant Marketplace. Buy it once and use it in all your projects.

Get it now!

Automatic color detection

Already enthusiastic? It gets even better because the handling of the plugin is revolutionary easy. The plugin is translation-ready, Multisite compatible has automatic updates and the styles and scripts are only loaded on the pages where a Bloom form is integrated. When you install it, only one setting is really important: “the link to your privacy policy.” The rest is completely optional.

Of course, you can adjust the text and colors if you want, but you don’t usually need to. “Bloom – GDPR Overlay Plugin” works with its own color recognition. This means that it will be able to independently recognize which colors are used in your form and use them for the overlay. Here is an example for the automatic color detection:

Beispiel für die automatische Farberkennung bei einem Bloom Formular

Settings panel in the Divi Theme Options

As already mentioned, you can change all color settings and also the texts. There are 2 possibilities for the texts. Either you use the “Pot” translation file, or you change the texts inside the “Divi Theme Options”. After installing the “Bloom – GDPR Overlay Plugin” you will find a separate settings page there:

"Bloom - GDPR Overlay Plugin" Divi Theme Options Panel


  • Added compytibility with the Divi Builder Standalone Plugin
  • In the settings you can now deactivate the plugin for the frontend, if you want to create the texts first
  • Setting the session cookie can now be deactivated in the settings. The check mark must then be set again for each form, regardless of whether it has already been confirmed
  • Added a filter hook to overwrite the text on certain pages. Take a look at an example here: Snippet
  • Adds support for Divi’s native Optin-Forms

Get it today on the Elegant Marketplace

“Bloom - GDPR Overlay Plugin” is available on the Elegant Marketplace. Buy it once and use it in all your projects.

Get it now!

Final words for the Bloom GDPR Overlay Plugin

As you can see, this is a very powerful plugin that allows you to easily create intuitive overlays for your Bloom Newsletter forms to meet GDPR requirements. In doing so, your existing forms are retained exactly as you created them. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is provide the link to your privacy policy, the rest is optional.

Since I am not a lawyer, I am not allowed to give any legal advice. Please check with your lawyer if this solution is sufficient. I assume no liability.

Have you suggestions for improvements to this article? Just use the comment area below. Do you want support for implementation or do you need help elsewhere? You can book us. For this, simply use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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