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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be a value.Albert Einstein

WordPress developer and website design professional

My main focus is on WordPress development and plug-in creation. I have special experience working with the Divi Theme, a widely used theme developed by Elegant themes.

Of course, I am experienced with most of the other well-known premium themes and page builders, specialized on responsive website design, multisite network development, page speed optimization, security optimization, server and theme transfer, SEO and the WordPress Rest-API.

I have also had a lot of experience working on WooCommerce an e-commerce plugin from Automattic alongside the original creators of the WordPress platform.

Excellent conditions, so that we together achieve our goals!

Photographer, video editor, 3D animator and more

As well as experience in development tasks I also have years of experience as a photographer, image editor, video editor as well as in 3D animation. Although I have experience in nearly every element of website design/creation.

My main focus continues to fall under WordPress plug-in development tasks.

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Bruno Bouyajdad - WordPress Developer » Indikator Design

More About me – Biography

My name is Bruno Bouyajdad, but you can just call me Bruno. I was born in the year 1980 in Wiesbaden a city located close to Frankfurt in Germany. I feel fortunate to have grown up in this part of the world which has been a major part of the improvements in technology and modernization internationally. The place where I come from is the birthplace of great thinkers, poets as well as the designers of modern automobiles. The area is known for its delicious food, a wonderful wine region as well as the incredible landscapes in the area.

What else do I enjoy?

I also enjoy studying astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and science in general. I’ve always been fascinated by nature, and how the macro and micro cosmos is held together by magical laws and forces, we cannot explain. Even despite modern science and technology, there are so many mysteries in our world which lie in the dark, and I really love keeping up with all of our recent achievements and what we are discovering as humans every day.

I also particularly enjoy the study of philosophy, and I especially enjoy the written traditions of Buddha. The idea of Karmic balance and thinking about justice for every action is something that I live my life by. I also strongly believe in daring to recognize your true greatness and striving to live life to the fullest every day.

We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.Buddha

But why do I work as a WordPress Developer?

I started working as a WordPress developer because I loved writing code. But before I found this path in my career I was working in other aspects of the industry. I began working for large companies delivering data security support before the use of cloud data solutions. When I discovered several years ago that being a qualified sales agent was no longer a career path I was passionate in, I studied photography.

I created spherical panorama tours, worked on several corporate projects and more before I discovered my passion for coding. My love of coding began working on the interfaces for these panorama tours and eventually, I would start to work in WordPress, teaching myself plugin development and studying the WordPress Codex.

WordPress development has become a passion

I started working as a WordPress developer in some WordPress extensions as a hobby and continued to challenge myself in developing more complicated projects. I love my job because it always continues to challenge me and to have limits that extend beyond my current understanding.

I am a knowledge seeker, and I love being able to solve problems for companies and individuals to help them achieve their goal through the use of the WordPress system.

My relationship with customers as WordPress developer

The feedback that I get from my customers and from the people that I work with continues to feed my passion for this industry. The recognition and the challenges that they bring forth for me are a consistent driving force that helps me retain my happiness in the workplace. It is just great to help make someone to be happier and more successful!

I want to thank you personally for stopping by my website and for reading through this blurb on my lifestyle, my passions and why I continue developing products in WordPress. I feel that this biography can help you to understand the type of person that I am and what I may be like to work with. Maybe we can work together sometime soon!

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Here are some of my products.

Here are some of my services.

WordPress Plugin Development

If you are missing out on various special features that can improve your WordPress environment, introduce new plug-ins could be extremely beneficial for efficiency and the effectiveness of your website. Contact me immediately, and together we can establish a list of goals for your website and outline some plug-ins that could accomplish those goals. With tailor-made plug-ins to suit your needs as a website owner you can create a custom and future proof solution for your website editing, marketing or content creation.

I strongly believe in delivering well-structured code with object oriented programming as a WordPress developer. As a WordPress developer, I will use all WordPress APIs as well as follow the best practices for developers to produce a well tested and instantly deployable WordPress plug-in product that accomplishes your needs as a website owner.

WordPress website design (responsive)

Mobile development is becoming imperative for WordPress websites. As a WordPress developer, I can work to adapt any premium or free WordPress theme that you are currently using into a responsive website design. A responsive website design will scale your WordPress website to look great on mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. If you need a WordPress website design or a responsive website design conversion, I can provide assistance to you.

One of my personal favorite responsive designs comes from Elegant Themes, and it is called Divi. This theme offers a potent and handy premium page builder that can produce an impactful WordPress website. I can work with any type of WordPress theme development or responsive website conversions, however.

WordPress multisite network development

If you have plans to expand internationally or across local markets, it’s essential that you organize your WordPress site for presentation in different areas around the world. A WordPress developer can help with this task. We can create separate local support forums, online courses for the local community and more. My WordPress multisite network solution can develop websites for display internationally as well as the ability to distribute a common user base on different subdomains.

I use domain mapping from a single word press corps to ensure that your website remains the same information and enjoys easy maintenance for all of your international subdomains. Another service that I can deliver is the possibility of connecting different standalone WordPress instances into one incredibly powerful editing system. For scaling WordPress in huge international projects, this can be a convenient tool for site owners.

WordPress page speed optimization

As part of my WordPress developer services I can also provide support for improving the loading time of your WordPress website. Improved loading time and optimize pages are directly related to your search engine ranking in Google. A page with faster loading times and fast loading posts will continue to rack up the hits and be displayed prominently on search engines.

As an experienced WordPress developer I can handle all of the technical steps required including minifying, caching, CDN, server configuration, image optimization and more. We can work together to discover the ideal functions that are needed for you to achieve success in page speed optimization through a full site audit.

WordPress security optimization

WordPress is incredibly easy to install on almost any server, and it’s one of the most successful content management systems and website creation tools on the planet. With this popularity, unfortunately, WordPress does have some security vulnerabilities which need to be remedied to make your environment safer for daily operation. A qualified WordPress developer can prevent various problems. Installing these different plugins and checking your WordPress for security vulnerabilities can help to prevent data loss, can verify the usage rights on all of your property and can protect your site as a whole.

My WordPress security optimization service includes a full site audit that will handle the task of correcting firewall rules, enhancing the safety of your admin area, the protection of all configuration files, the use of SSL and a variety of other preventative measures. Having a 100% guarantee on security is never possible, but with the right settings you can rest easier knowing that your data is protected from malicious threats.

WordPress server and theme transfer

If you are interested in moving your entire WordPress environment to a brand-new server to take advantage of lower costs or better performance, sometimes it can be useful to hire an experienced WordPress developer to move and change your theme to experience minimal downtime.

Through the proper planning and the use of an experienced WordPress developer it’s possible to transfer over your entire website to a new server and handle installation on a much faster basis. I can perform a full cleanup of your database and work at optimizing your site for brand-new beginning on a better server environment.

WordPress e-commerce and WooCommerce

WooCommerce stands as one of the most successful plug-ins that was developed for WordPress and it’s one of the widest used e-commerce solutions in the world. For creating businesses online and WordPress, WooCommerce can deliver any of the support that you might meet. When you’re going to be building a typical online shop, or you require a member area for subscription-based solutions, WooCommerce can provide support. There are even actions available for WooCommerce for the use of handling an affiliate program.

WooCommerce allows for sales across the country and perhaps even worldwide. Whether you are interested in creating online courses, selling software, selling music, pictures or your own personal products, developing a website with WooCommerce can be a flexible way that you can accomplish your dreams.

WordPress SEO (search engine optimization)

WordPress offers some market solutions for achieving higher ranks in search engines. Some of the main search engines like Bing, Google and more require high degrees of optimization. This means properly structuring your WordPress website on all of the pages and all of the posts. By producing unique content, using the right keywords, optimizing your pages for fast loading and using the right meta-tags it is possible to improve your results for excellent rankings.

Of course, this is only the beginning of ranking your website well in Google and other search engines. There are some other handy tools that a WordPress developer can utilize to make SEO in future posts and content much easier.

WordPress SEO optimized blogs ( Partially provided by partners)

Having an ongoing stream of quality content is one of the best ways that you can work your way up to the top of Google results. In order to regularly populate your website with new and trending content, it’s essential that your content is also well optimized. Quality and original content needs to be built in a fun way for visitors to enjoy and for Google to also understand and read.

WordPress offers some creation tools and plug-ins that can guide the creation of these ongoing blogs. By working together, we can find the best solutions to have ongoing and high-value content that can catapult your WordPress site up search engine results.

WordPress Rest-API

The WordPress Rest API is implemented in many small steps into the WordPress core. This API makes it very simple to link together various WordPress platforms, connect your entire environment to third-party software and apps as well as develop the future plug-ins that can ease the process of running your website.

Unlocking the secrets of this API can open up brand-new possibilities for your site as well as ensure that data can be shared in simple queries across the JSON format. As a WordPress developer, I can help you access this powerful tool and accomplish your goals to push your WordPress website to brand new levels.

It is better to fail in originality then to succeed in limitation.Herman Melville

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