Your long awaited interface for Divi WooCommerce

WooCommerce is incredibly useful for developing your web products. By using the Divi Theme as well as WooCommerce, it is possible to build up some beautiful product pages directly with the “Divi page builder.” Create a full-size catalog with your high-quality products and present them with stunning and unique layouts.

Through the WooCommerce e-commerce shop on your Divi website in combination with the “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” plugin, you can work on building up the online solutions you need to start taking orders.

The Divi page builder on a WooCommerce product page, enabled by "Divi – Awesome Woo Products"

Exclusive only at the Elegant Marketplace

"Divi – Awesome Woo Products" is exclusively available on the Elegant Marketplace. Buy it once and use it in all your projects.

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With the various modules, you can begin to design Divi WooCommerce elements exactly as you like it. Designers can also assist with strategizing the items that will work best for your page based on module settings and according to your wishes as a website owner. All this without specialized programming knowledge.

Working with WooCommerce in the module settings is similar to setting up a regular page contribution, but with the difference that you have direct access to the different WooCommerce elements in the modules. By combining Divi WooCommerce with “Divi – Awesome Woo Products,” it is possible to continue building up the content on any page with a broad range of products.

Bring Divi WooCommerce to the next level

The commendation of these two plugins in combination with the Divi Theme produces the chance to build product layouts that the customer is looking for and that the store owner would like to use to portray their products.

And this is what the “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” plugin can do for you as its user. All of the elements on a Divi WooCommerce page can then be inserted as a module throughout the module overview or directly by the designer through shortcodes in a text- or code-module.

All modules for Divi WooCommerce with "Divi – Awesome Woo Products"

These modules only become available after installing “Divi – Awesome Woo Products.” By using this great Divi WooCommerce combination, it’s possible to use the page builder site in the same way that you would for arranging standard modules across the page.

After installing “Divi- Awesome Woo Products” on your Divi website, you can build product layouts using the “Divi page builder” and save these layouts for use globally. Building layouts with greater ease and compatibility in e-commerce that Divi WooCommerce can deliver.

Take full advantage of the Divi Theme for your WooCommerce shop

Having the ability to have global modules that you can paste into the layouts of your choice can help you make a single change on one of your products in the future that can affect all of the product catalog features that you have in place. This really improves efficiency and the layout of your online work with Divi WooCommerce.

A global module for Divi WooCommerce with "Divi – Awesome Woo Products"

As you add together your pre-made designs, your new product pages can continue to create a consistent look across your shop with every new entry.

Are there short codes available in the modules?

The process of getting started with Divi WooCommerce and the plugins could not be simpler. There is a step-by-step guide with illustrations on the toggles included on the FAQ website for “Indikator Design.” There’s even a full video creation on the entire product. By investing in one of these modules or a site that include some of these modules for WooCommerce it is possible to enjoy a full service site that can be edited in a flash and designed for use with nearly any type of product.

How to start with your new Divi WooCommerce experience?

After the product has been fully installed it’s straightforward to create new projects, build up a new catalog and more. Just enable the “Divi page builder” for your Divi WooCommerce products and starting with the module styling options. Building up the layout, styling the modules, previewing changes and even adding descriptions for every item/metatag on the site is the ideal way that you can create your online project.

The page builder on a product page Divi WooCommerce with "Divi – Awesome Woo Products"

One of the best aspects of using “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” is that it also features compatibility with a lot of known extensions for WooCommerce. The average user can also link together products such as the WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Product Add-ons, WooCommerce Tab Manager and more.

Divi WooCommerce has never been more powerful

Divi WooCommerce is a natural progression of the ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder. Now in its 3.0 revision, this updated version of Divi is one of the most advanced as well as one of the most secure themes on the market for building up quality WordPress sites.

When combining Divi with its builder, WooCommerce and “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” you can finally have support for building the best stores on the WordPress platform. With nearly endless layout possibilities, users can access the best and most beautiful layouts with customized content areas, listings and more.

“Divi – Awesome Woo Products” with WooCommerce created products will amaze users and deliver nearly endless layout possibilities. With online settings which can ensure new custom options can be edited globally, every advanced design setting and change can be saved across the system for maximum improvements in a design perspective.

A final layout for Divi WooCommerce with "Divi – Awesome Woo Products"

The Divi Theme can easily be installed into an already running WordPress page. Divi has created one of the largest WordPress communities online, especially the “Divi Theme Users & Elegant Marketplace” – Facebook Group. A huge number of online e-commerce stores are also utilizing their system with the WooCommerce plugin and WordPress.

The number of stores using these tools is becoming the majority, and as a result, many of the top e-commerce stores that use WordPress are now depending on these tools to keep their online database updated. For current web standards and for at the future of your online reputability, this is a plugin that cannot be ignored.

An overview of the websites created with woocommerce from

Exclusive only at the Elegant Marketplace

"Divi – Awesome Woo Products" is exclusively available on the Elegant Marketplace. Buy it once and use it in all your projects.

Get it now!Demo

Here are some huge advantages that can come with combining Divi, WooCommerce and “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” to your powerful and unique use of Divi WooCommerce.

The community: Because Divi WooCommerce is built on Divi the community with Divi and WooCommerce is made up of an astounding amount of talent. Joining this community of hundreds of thousands of people can be an incredible experience for your website as well is one that ensures you can consistently meet up with the latest in web standards.

Strong compatibility: “Divi Awesome Woo Products” is built with a compatibility that makes it ideal for the use with a variety of websites. Through a strong backing in development as well as a comprehensive community for troubleshooting support it is possible to enjoy improvements in a flash with Divi WooCommerce.

A theme that resonates well with clients: “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” only goes on to improve what Divi creators have done. By integrating WooCommerce and other elements, it is possible for website owners to utilize a wealth of tools in their industry to manage their theme and products for the future.

Controlling all client access: Divi has an advanced role system for content editors, designers, staff members and even your users. “Divi – Awesome Woo products” goes on to improve this system, making it much more intuitive for the use of working with any type of e-commerce support.

A dedicated support team: The development staff that created “Divi –
Awesome Woo Products” remains just as available as anyone at Divi. This ensures you can always have the solutions that are needed for troubleshooting support in the future.

Incredible language support: As a final advantage to this plugin, “Divi – Awesome Woo Products” is ready for translation. This ensures customers can access their WordPress platform in a language of their choice as well as make edits in the language that they are most comfortable using.

If you are interested in regularly utilizing these tools for your own e-commerce website, you should strongly consider start working with our plugin today. We can deliver some of these incredible advantages and more for your company or your e-commerce idea. When building up a quality website that resonates with your customers and helps you leverage the best design practices, we strongly recommend using the powerful combination of Divi 3.0+ with WooCommerce and “Divi – Awesome Woo Products.”

Final words for Divi WooCommerce

“Divi – Awesome Woo Products” gives you a whole new way to get the maximum out of Divi in combination with WooCommerce. Get your copy now and start with product layouts in which your customers will fall in love.

Have you suggestions for improvements to this article? Just use the comment area below. Do you want support for implementation or do you need help elsewhere? You can book us. For this, simply use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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